Buy Stocks at a Discount

Increase your odds of successful profit by 80%

Lew W.


Who doesn’t love getting a deal on a TV, a car, a phone or even a house? But can you really do the same with stocks?

You have probably heard news stories or people talking about how many “retail investors” are buying stocks during 2020. And you have also probably heard that many are making a lot of money doing this as a side hustle.

But for every investor that makes money, there are more than haven’t. Why is this? For starters, they are buying blind and are not looking at the company.

Secondly, they aren’t buying savvy as the professionals do.

Retail investors need to give themselves an edge, and you can do that with selling Put options.

You must be selective about which stocks you buy. And you don’t want to invest in stocks that are expensive.

I’m not referring to Amazon (AMZN) at $3300 or even Tesla (TSLA) at $675 per share but rather stocks like GameStop (GME) at $22 or FuboTV (FUBO) at $60. Most new investors haven’t heard of selling Puts as a way to buy stocks at a discount. Here is another article I wrote that shows how you could have purchased JetBlue (JBLU) for $12 when it was trading for $16. Those that invest this way have been able to increase profits in the stock market.

This isn’t a get rich scheme and there is work involved, but you can become highly successful and earn extra income or buy at discounts without giving up your job.

So, to buy stocks at a discount check into selling stock options (not the kind you may get from a company that you work for). Stock options were created so that investors can minimize their risk from the stock price falling.

Think of selling Put options as insurance for stockholders in case their shares fall in price.

The very wealthy, hedge funds, and banks that invest millions in the market want to protect their value by buying this insurance. But the way to earn extra income or…